Tuesday, December 13, 2016

NBLCNET Diary Series: Demitri Harris Entry 1: These Things Happen

NBLCNET is happy to announce our teaming up with 6'6 Small Forward, Demitri Harris of the Island Storm. Follow along with the Canadian forward as he begins his personal journey in the National Basketball League of Canada. Our Diary Series will be a regular on the blog as Demitri keeps us up-to-date on his experience.

What’s goin’ on man! 

My name is Demitri Harris I'm from Vancouver, BC. This is my blog about going pro in PEI. 

I received a contract in the summer by signing up for a NBLC Combine and as the Commissioner of the NBLC Dave Magley said, I "showed out" in said combine.

On the drive home from the combine I received a call from Coach Joe Salerno of the PEI Storm who offered me my first pro contract!

Fast forward to December 8th, my much awaited flight to training camp - I was so excited to finally be given a chance to live out my dream and play pro!

Jordan, Demi and Dogtonius (Hollar) at YVR
My flight to Montreal was a breeze. My agent Robert Holler and videographer Jordan Leask saw me off and Dogtonius (Rob) screamed, “shoot that thang” as I left my beloved Vancouver!

However, things got tricky when I got to Montreal. Warning! When it comes to connecting flights the departure times and boarding times are NOT one and the same.

I missed my flight from Montreal to Charlottetown. I was so distraught I thought I was gonna collapse... All the work I had put in over the summer, all the support I’ve received from friends and family, only to miss my flight and toil away in the start of my own Bohemian Rhapsody in Montreal left only with basketball shoes thoughts of what could have been.

Luckily with positive words from a PEI super fan and help from a trip adviser, I persevered and found a connecting flight that would get me to Charlottetown that night! I had to fly to Toronto then arrive in Charlottetown at 3am only to be up at 7am for my physical.

My journey has never been ideal but hey... these things happen!

For a little more info on Demitri watch "Northsweats: Episode 3 | Shoot That Thang" at the link below.