Saturday, May 21, 2016

2016 NBLC Playoffs -- Divisional Finals -- May 21, 2016

Halifax 109-80 Saint John
(Halifax Wins 4-0)

The Halifax Hurricanes swept their way to the NBLC Finals on Saturday, taking down the Saint John Mill Rats 190-80 in Game 4 of their Atlantic Division Final.

The top-ranked Hurricanes were in the driver's seat for much of the game, taking a 51-40 lead into halftime. They only added to Saint John's misery in next two frames, ultimately sweeping their second series in a row.

Kyle Hunt led the game with 23 points. Chris Smith, Anthony Anderson, and Gabe Freeman all had 13 points each.

Halifax has yet to lose a game these NBLC Playoffs.

Halifax will take on the winner of the Central Divison Final in the NBLC Finals.

Stats can be found here.

London 108-98 Windsor
(London Leads 3-2)

The London Lightning grabbed a crucial Game 5 win on Saturday, taking down Windsor 108-98 in their Central Divison Final.

After a back-and-forth first half, Windsor exploded with a 29-23 performance, led by Alex John, who exploded with a rare 29-point performance.

However, London came back in the fourth, led by some impressive shooting from Warren Ward (22 points, 7-12 from the field). All in all, London won the final frame by a 40-27 margin.

Johnson led the game with 29 points. Akeem Scott led the Lightning with 22 points. Stephen Maxwell had 21 points and 18 rebounds.

Game 6 will take place in Windsor on Friday.

Stats can be found