Monday, April 11, 2016

Flying High -- The Superheroes Of The NBLC

The National Basketball League of Canada is full of talented athletes, but some rise above the rest. Day in day out, players perform superhuman feats to wow the crowd or save their teams from the perils of losing the game. See the list of the league’s superheroes and discuss who else could be compared to a legend from Marvel or DC.

Stephen Maxwell – Superman

Maxwell’s Twitter handle rings true in every game he plays. The California native can throw down with the best of them. When he gets an open lane — look out. His most recent highlight came against the Orangeville A’s, in a dunk that channeled his inner Dwight Howard circa 2008.

Logan Stutz – Cyclops

The candidate for league MVP has already drawn comparisons to the goggled superhero. Need we say more?

Anthony Stover – Mister Fantastic

Mister Fantastic’s superhuman ability is that he is able to stretch his body into any physical form he wishes. Meanwhile, Stover has shown that he too can stretch out to cover nearly the entire geographical area of the Saint John Mill Rats defensive end. The 6'11" centre is putting up four blocks per game, and is far and away the league leader in the category this season (110).

James Justice – Cyborg

He already sounds like he belongs in the superhero universe. It’s possible that “The Justice League” was named after him given his superhuman feats on the court. Much of Cyborg’s body is replaced by mechanical devices, giving him strength, speed, stamina, and flight. We don’t know if Justice is half bionic man, but his 20 points per game hint at the possibility that is true.

Brandon Robinson/Tony Bennett – Robin Hood

Before we get started, yes, Robin Hood is a superhero of the medieval era. The key characteristic of Mr. Hood is that he “steals from the rich and gives to the poor.” In Robinson and Bennett’s case, they steal the ball from other teams and make you pay for it at the other end. The Express duo are first and second in steals per game in the NBLC this year.

By: Contributor