Thursday, January 22, 2015

Suspensions Dished Out for Mississauga/London Brawl

After a couple of days of waiting, the league has finally decided to hand out suspensions following the fight that broke out during the Mississauga Power and London Lightning game in London on Sunday.

The fight started after Rockett committed a hard foul on Mills, sending the two players tumbling. Little followed up by running over to Rockett and standing over him, and yapping at him. Rockett responded with the incredibly irrational response of an uppercut. As teammates were pulling Rockett away, Mills ran and threw a punch of his own at Rockett. The fight can be seen here.

It's a big change for the league, as previous suspensions have been seen as soft by fans and the media in the past. Eight games is equal to a quarter of the season, and it means the Power will likely be without Rockett until February 19th, when the Power will only have five games left in the year. The loss is compounded by the team losing Chad Posthumus to a team overseas, leaving the struggling team woefully thin in the front court.

The even bigger loss might be for the Lightning. After a stretch of uneven play, the Lightning could have used they're win against the Power as a turning point of sorts. Instead they lose Mills and Little, two of few players that actually played well during that stretch. It's even crazier to imagine how thin the Lightning would have been left had they not added Darell Lazare and Brent Jennings. Little will return February 4th, just in time to play the Windsor Express, and Mills returns February 8th, in a rematch with the Power